Home Entertainment Panoorin: Daniel Padilla, Viral Matapos Mabangga ng Tricycle Driver ang Kotse Niya

Panoorin: Daniel Padilla, Viral Matapos Mabangga ng Tricycle Driver ang Kotse Niya


The Kapamilya matinee idol is known for his collection of sports car. Daniel Padilla is an avid fan of luxurious automobiles, and he has an amazing collection of the latest model of sports cars. The actor treats his cars as his most-prized possessions, and he’s always spotted in public driving in one of his automobiles.

But of course, Daniel is also not safe from minor road mishaps. Recently, the 25-year-old actor was spotted in public after being involved in a minor road accident. According to witnesses, a tricycle driver was driving behind Daniel when he suddenly bumped into his sports car.

Many people would probably be annoyed or frustrated due to the accident, but Daniel wowed his fans after showing his kindness. Instead of getting angry, the actor immediately went out of his car and talked with the tricycle driver. He asked the driver if he was injured from the incident

A few moments later, the actor can be seen in a quiet discussion with the tricycle driver. He offered to help the driver and even gave him some money! As expected, the tricycle driver was relieved because he thought that the actor would charge him for the damage. Instead, Daniel took money out of his wallet to give to the driver.

Reynaldo Duron is one of the witnesses who saw the incident. According to Duron, Daniel was truly humble and kind. During the incident, many passersby stopped to take a look at the actor. In a video, we can see Daniel reminding the crowd of maintaining social distancing.




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